Eye Examinations

We believe the most important part of the eye examination is to check and advise our patients about the health of their eyes. By discussing family history details, for example, we are able to advise our patients about possible eye conditions to which they may be genetically pre-disposed.

Our comprehensive eye examination include a 3D-OCT retinal scan and digital retinal photography at a small additional fee. Members of our InView Eyecare Plan are entitled to this at no additional charge. (see InView Eyecare Plan for more details)
This equipment allows us to take three-dimensional scans of the critical structures that sit beneath the retinal surface – presenting us with the unique opportunity to spot the signs of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular changes etc in their very earliest stages. The advanced software allows us to analyse the results and monitor for small changes over time. Most important of all, it gives us the opportunity to take preventative measures as early as possible.

We allocate a 45 minute appointment giving us enough time to conduct thorough examinations and importantly offering our patients enough time to ask any questions.

Occasionally there are things that you, as a patient, may forget to ask during your visit. We welcome you to ask any questions or discuss any concerns by phone, by email or by popping in to see us.